"I really enjoyed creating planes of deep blue colour, for me some how represents the deep unknown of the ocean. Later works on the series I started to encapsulate with darker forms dabs of flouro orange. This series of work can’t help but be influenced by the oceanic blues seen from my studio in Ericeira overlooking the ocean".

"As a surfer I am often paddling into the sea at first light to experience that feeling and energy of a new day. The oranges are not representational but the feeling of the sunlight breaking the darkness of the night. The painting is full of hope and like the first wave that passes over me during a dawn surf, so the new day washes away any stresses of the past".

 Blue series preceeds Dark Matters series. Familiar colours and ideas of the artist is evident in both. His work is elemental, examines space, depth, human existence and our place within time as it unfolds.

Blue series paintings by artist Justin Duraes-West


Hand signed original archival quality acrylic paintings on canvas.

Shipped stretched and packaged in a shipping crate or rolled in tissue & art paper to protect against dust before being packaged in cylindrical shipping container.

All work is professionally packaged & shipped nationally or internationally with authentication certificates.

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